We Turn Health Into an Asset for Your Company

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We help performance-driven companies optimize their productivity and profitability
We provide your company with a platform to identify and track key health metrics that impact your bottom line, while our performance medicine directors implement targeted on-site wellness solutions to provide value and return on your wellness investment

Optimize Performance

Your success is tied to the productivity of your workforce. We provide comprehensive one-on-one programming to help employees thrive and accomplish more at work.

Save Money, Boost Profit

The health of your workforce either works for or against your company's bottom line. We deliver wellness programming that provides a ROI through health-related cost savings and increased employee productivity.

Measure Outcomes

You cannot manage what you do not measure. We track key health metrics that impact your bottom line and demonstrate how our wellness solutions maximize outcomes.

Take our ORGANIZATIONAL HEALTH AUDIT and learn how your company can optimize its productivity and profitability through enhanced health.
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Your Health & Performance Directors

Dr. Liam LaTouche, ND

Health & Performance Director

Dr. Andrew Krause, ND

Health & Performance Director

Robert Kalwarowsky

Analytics Director
Time To Thrive
When companies fail to have effective wellness strategies, they end up spending more money due to high healthcare claims, unproductive employees, absences, and higher turnover. We design our programs with excellence in mind. Through the work we do at Thrive, employees become happier, healthier, and more productive, while organizations benefit from enhanced employee satisfaction, recognition as an employer of choice, and profitability.